My family history is full of food, health, love, leaders & pioneers in the new holistic food revolution. – Maihaa

Grandma Gert Cunningham
-When Gert was born in 1920, who would have guessed, how would she have known, could her parents have surmised that of all things she would grow up to marry a sheriff and live in a jail house? A jail house transformed into a land of beauty, love, generosity, acceptance, patience, and mirth out of which came the best home cooked meals in the state. One of the regular prisoners was quoted at a hobo convention as saying, “If you have to get arrested, get arrested in Olmsted County so you can eat Gert Cunningham’s food,” for it was the same food she prepared three times a day for 24 years for her own family.”- From grandmas Obituary May 2012

My mother Julianaa Satie (AKA Joanne Saltzman) teaching the Language of Cooking in her cooking classes circa 1985.

Press release for the family food truck Rollin’ Greens in 1980.

Family photo of the children on the family food truck Rollin’ Greens in 1980.