Cooking Classes

"I really enjoyed the cooking class I took with Maihaa! I knew absolutely nothing about cooking when I went into this class. I asked several questions that I would consider to be stupid questions but not once did Maihaa make me feel stupid for asking. I learned a lot about different techniques to keep the meet moist and how to mix spices that I wouldn't normally mix. I would highly suggest this class to anyone! I hope to be able to take more classes in the future!" - Melody, Broomfield CO

Learn to REALLY cook! Use what you have on hand, adjust for ANY dietary concern, and be EMPOWERED to cook without a recipe. Chef Maihaa will ignite your creativity and courage in the kitchen whether you take one of the structured courses, or a customized private class.

All cooking classes use the groundbreaking Language of Cooking ™ from the School of Natural Cookery.  No matter the topic, you will learn to cook free of recipes and with a deep understanding of how and why each ingredient and cooking method is used.

The School of Natural Cookery’s Basic Course – Take this course in Colorado with Chef Maihaa or Online from anywhere in the world!


Cooking Class Topics

The Language of Cooking Cooking Without Recipes; Whole Grain; Vegetables; Beans; Sauces; Soup & Stew; Basic Vegan Dessert; Meal Composition; Fermented Living Foods; Other Seed Proteins (Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan); Fish & Shellfish
Dairy & Eggs, Poultry & Fowl; Beef, Lamb, Pork, Wild Game; Party Food- Finger Foods and World Cuisine: Samples from ethnic cuisine ( Mexican, Cajun, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Britton, Italian… and many more)