Wedding Catering

I highly recommend Chef Maihaa for her professionalism, quality, and attention to detail. She stepped in when the personal chef we had hired to cater our wedding reception had a medical emergency and had to leave the state. This circumstance turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While it left my fiancé and I scrambling to find someone who shared our vision of what our reception dinner would be, it also led us to Chef Maihaa. She not only shared our excitement about using local, organically grown foods, Maihaa had an extensive list of menu options. She was sensitive to our budget and to those guests who had special dietary needs. She had wonderful suggestions about foods the children in our party would enjoy and she helped us shape our menu into an enticing, delicious adventure! The food was scrumptious and all our guests were raving. No one left hungry and we had yummy leftovers for the next few days. I can’t say enough good things about Chef Maihaa. She has my highest recommendation.

– Jan, Boulder CO
Bar Mitzvah & Kosher Weekly Client

Maihaa has been cooking for us for at least a year. She has catered our son’s bar mitzvah lunch here in our home as well as many weeks assisting us with cooking. She has a broad range of styles and we picked her because of her knowledge of healthy foods and ingredients to use to avoid allergies, etc. In other words, we consider her to be a natural foods cook. She is very timely, will call beforehand to adjust, honest and professional as well as a very efficient cook.

– Ora G., Boulder CO
Weekly Client

Being Vegan isn’t easy and cooking Vegan is even more of challenge, which is why we love having Maihaa cook for us.  She makes the most delicious Vegan meals. Some of our favorites are her amazing BBQ, Enchiladas, Lasagna and creative alternative protein dishes.  Vegan, healthy and super tasty, can’t ask for more than that!

– Beth M., Broomfield CO
Cooking Class

I really enjoyed the cooking class I took with Maihaa! I knew absolutely nothing about cooking when I went into this class. I asked several questions that I would consider to be stupid questions but not once did Maihaa make me feel stupid for asking. I learned a lot about different techniques to keep the meet moist and how to mix spices that I wouldn’t normally mix. I would highly suggest this class to anyone! I hope to be able to take more classes in the future!

– Melody, Broomfield CO
Weekly Client

Maihaa has been our personal chef for over 4 years. We absolutely LOVE her — and her cooking! It’s always so healthy and delicious. There is nothing better than knowing you have great food options ready to go for the week! Our entire family needs to eat gluten-free so we enjoy her ability to accommodate that. We actually save money because we do not go to restaurants very often any more, and we eat a lot more veggies! I love our system we have set up for creating the food menu for the week, and Maihaa is reliable, efficient, dependable, and very talented! I would highly recommend her!

– Shelli D., Lafayette CO


Weekly Client

In a word: excellent.  She listens to our needs and then provides them.  Recently, my husband had to make some severe dietary changes.  Maihaa has had no problem preparing dishes, which have accommodated him and been delicious.

– June R., Boulder CO


Cocktail Party Catering

Thank you, Maihaa! The spread you created for our event reception was beautiful. Everybody really liked the variety of dishes. The muhamara red pepper dip was a hit! And those spanikopita are the best I’ve ever tasted. It was a pleasure working with you and everything was smooth and professional. I can’t wait to engage you again.

– Myriah C., Boulder CO